No need to talk much about volunteerism. Those of you who volunteered, especially in developing countries, but not only, know already how important and life-changing this experience is. And those of you who never volunteered for anything, may not really get the point.

My mission in Kiabakari in the span of twenty years has been truly blessed with the presence and selfless service of scores of volunteers, mainly from my homeland. I am deeply impressed and amazed at their magnanimous attitude and impact they made on the progress of my mission and its institutions, mainly in health service and education areas, but not only... I salute them, commend their service and give them due respect.

The Foundation Kiabakari, of which I am proud to be a co-founder, has volunteerism in its blood. In fact, there are only volunteers involved in its activities till now! No paid employees so far since the creation of the Foundation in 2009! Selfless service, missionary spirit and seriousness in their approach to tasks is what makes me proud of them.

If you want to learn more about volunteerism in our Foundation, how to become one, please visit the Foundation's website at www.kiabakari.org, in particular - the section dealing with the volunteerism (click here).

If you wish to learn the Decalog of the volunteerism - 10 things to know before volunteering overseas, read this article.

I found the following videos interesting and motivational. Yes, they don't deal much with missionary volunteerism. Still, they are valuable. Please, watch them carefully and maybe you will feel in your heart a special call to become a volunteer yourself, possibly in my mission in Kiabakari. That would be fantastic!

You may also like to follow our bloggers - volunteers of my foundation and of other friendly organizations, whom I happen to know and admire what they do for others.

1. The general blog of volunteers of Foundation Kiabakari: click here.
2. The blog of Agata, who came to Kiabakari to supervise the implementation of the project supported financially by Polish government. Click here.
3. The blog of Monika, midwife/lay missionary/volunteer in Bugisi dispensary. Click here.
4. The blog of Marianna and Marija from Croatia, volunteers-teachers in Kiabakari. Click here.
5. The blog of Zofia and Sylwia, volunteers of Foundation of Humanitarian Aid 'Redemptoris Missio', going to Zambia. Click here.
6. The blog of Denise and Thomas, German volunteers from Internationalen Bund, working in Kiabakari as pre-school teachers for one year. Click here.
7. The blog of Franziska and Tobias Breitfeld, working in Kiabakari as pre-school teachers (from the same organization as Denise and Thomas). Click here.

If you happen to know worthy blogs of other volunteers in Africa, please let me know and I will post links right here. Thank you!

I hope this page will be an inspiration for you to think about the prospect of becoming a volunteer yourself, be it in your local community, in your country or abroad. 

It is my dream and intention of my prayers to make Kiabakari a friendly place for international volunteerism. If your call is to come to Kiabakari with good intention to join us - in making together lives of people I serve better - you will find the doors to our place wide open for you. May the Holy Spirit lead you and enlighten you in this matter. 

Karibuni Kiabakari! Below - a few pictures of our volunteers in Kiabakari.


Marija and Marjanna

Marija and Marjanna





Mateusz with his family (not in the picture) and Justyna



Karolina and Agata

Denise and Thomas

Franziska and Tobias

Sławek and Przemek


Ula and Teresa