Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Short Documentary On Kiabakari Mission History 1991-2014

I am proud to present to all my friends and readers our newest effort to record the history of Kiabakari mission. This is a short documentary, 17 minutes long, highlighting the main events and milestones on our way as we journey along in quest of fulfilling the Lord's Will in Kiabakari, in particular - completing the Divine Mercy vision in Kiabakari, embracing the whole person - spiritually, physically and intellectually. The video presents the current state of affairs in Kiabakari as of April 2014. It pinpoints also the main challenges we are facing and the priorities which need immediate attention and solutions.

Gratitude to Mr. Aldimilablis Novatus Mchele, my friend and filmmaker, who put together all pieces in one video presentation. Thanks to Mr Mitchell also for voice narration.

Hope you enjoy the documentary. I do hope it will help you to understand better Lord's Ways in Kiabakari. And I really do hope this will make you say a prayer for us and even give us a hand by contributing towards the completion of our goal. God bless us all!

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