Foundation Kiabakari

Fundacja KIABAKARI jest Organizacją Pożytku Publicznego

KRS 0000325046


The Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization realizing goals from the public benefit sphere connected with charity, educational, aid and humanitarian activities for the holistic development of local communities in Tanzania and other developing countries – inspired by the thorough interpretation of the Message of Divine Mercy understood as a genuine way to address and solve problems of the modern human person in Tanzania, Africa and other developing countries, concerning the triple dimension of her/his self (spiritual-psychological, physical and intellectual) and her/his habitat.


The Foundation goals shall be as follows:

1. Formation: Activities inter alia for the teaching of tolerance, the need of mutual recognition, respect, and understanding to local communities, and establishing ties between people representing different ethnic groups, cultures and traditions – on the local, regional, national and international level,

2. Education: Activities for the education and development of children and young people in Tanzania and other developing countries,

3. Health: Activities for the improvement of health and the quality of life of local communities and the increasing of their access to health care,

4. Employment: Activities inter alia for the improvement of the social-economic situation of young people and adults from the poorest social class, particularly girls and women,

5. Culture: Disseminating the information about Africa, and particularly about Tanzania – the Swahili culture, the ethnic groups in Tanzania and the current problems of the Tanzanian people and their reasons; propagating the concept of short- and long-term volunteer work to make cooperation between developed and developing countries closer; propagating mutual understanding, identifying issues falling within the scope of the statutory activity of the Foundation,

6. Food Security: Humanitarian-charity aid, educational-didactic activities inter alia for healthy feeding, diversification of crops, the support of African agricultural programmes in accordance with the general programme of the development of African agriculture, and the support of the ability to build a private sector in farming on the level of local communities; seminars, workshops, and courses concerning degradation of soil and its becoming barren, new methods of farming, climatic changes, etc.

7. Natural Environment: Educational-didactic activities aimed at creating the feeling of responsibility for the natural environment and its protection, supported with such other activities as: establishing forest nurseries, afforesting, preservation of the existing water springs, ensuring access to water through scouting for new springs, drilled and ordinary wells, securing water intakes; actions aimed at raising awareness, social work for the protection of the environment, training and courses concerning afforesting, the protection of water intakes, the protection of water intakes, the proper use of wells and water reservoirs, proper handling of rubbish and waste, supporting the use of alternative fuels and energy sources to preserve the natural environment.

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