I have lots of music and audio files which copyrights I own, and some of them, including songs, interviews, music, have find their way here for you to enjoy.

You can find them on my profile in SoundCloud. The twelve songs uploaded to SoundCloud from the very first album 'Yesu, Nakutumainia!' (Jesus, I trust in You!) recorded with St. Faustina choir from my mission in Kiabakari, back in 1995. The full set of songs for the Mass of Divine Mercy. The songs covering most of the liturgical feasts in the Catholic Calendar of Liturgy. Interviews with my Mum, a friend of mine and myself. The quality of choir songs  is poor, as it was an analog recording on ancient equipment in Mwanza, later on remastered digitally in Kraków. Still, the historical and sentimental value of this recording is priceless. The other recordings are okey.

Enjoy listening to the audio files already available online. I will continue uploading audio files gradually as internet speed permits.

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