Friday, April 13, 2012

Back To Where It All Began

Tomorrow morning, after the Holy Mass at Sisters' chapel (my apartment block is adjacent to Sisters' Provincial house), my journey to the place where it all began will commence...

I have been invited to preach on Divine Mercy Sunday in Our Lady of Graces Shrine in Janów Lubelski, in the Diocese of Sandomierz (formerly - the Archdiocese of Lublin), in the small town where my maternal family lives. This is a holy place in which I received my priestly vocation in August 1981. Since that moment when Our Lady called me to serve Her Son and His Church, I had never been given an opportunity to stand amidst the liturgical congregation and give my testimony to that grace.

Thirty one years passed and now the time has finally come when the parish priest and the custodian of the shrine formally invited me to come over and preach.

You bet I am excited and looking forward to this favor. I got my homily sorted out already, though I am sure as the hour to stand in front of the congregation and speak comes closer, the final refinements will still come. Nevertheless, I feel I am ready and overwhelmingly happy and grateful to God and people for this priceless gift of sharing with people of God what happened in my life and how Our Lady works her ways in the hearts of people for the benefit of Her Son's Church.

Please, pray for the safe journey to Janów. I will drive my father's twenty years old car and I hope she does not break down in the safari. Pray for the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, so I may speak only what God wants and may people's heart are open to receive this message and show their support for Kiabakari, our educational efforts in particular.

Thanks in advance for your kind prayerful solidarity! God bless us all!


  1. Oh Wojciech there cannot be a more excited and delighted person than you today as you prepare to speak at Our Lady of Graces shrine and above all it being Divine Mercy Sunday. So much comes together for you here and I am sure more blessings will come to you - you need to listen carefully as you may get yet another call!!!
    Iam really happy for you as I know that Janow hold treasured memories for you. I hope your visit to Fr.Piotr's family was a source of great joy for his parents as well as you as you had so much to share with them. I will be thinking of you on Divine Mercy Sunday - you might even post your homily on the blog no matter whether in Polish or English. Every blessing and a day filled with graces for you .Love Lena

  2. Thank you, Lena dear. Indeed I am looking forward to this weekend's experience, going back to my vocation roots. Please, pray for me and for the people I will share with my testimony. May Lord's will be done.