Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In The Fast Lane

Sad to see my last post was about two weeks ago. The life has accelerated so much I found myself in the fast lane, either I liked it or not. The last day of January prompts me to reflect upon the first month of this year. And I find it difficult to believe that so many things have happened in such a short, relatively, period of time. Simply amazing... I'm grateful to the Almighty and all good people I've met and connected with in real life and online. Thank you all! Yet the blog activity suffered big time... And now I brace myself for the second month of the year 2012. It looks like it will have two sides. One - pastoral and development works, as we arrive to Ash Wednesday on February 22, entering absolutely amazing Lent time, with many pastoral activities planned already for this, precisely, time. On the other hand - having finished just installation of new P.A. System in the shrine, financed in half by parishioners and in half by my friends - I turn my focus towards plans for two new classrooms, hoping for positive answer from my benefactors; plans for construction of a new pre-school; along with finishing works on Nyakiswa church. I look forward to receive shipment of new books for standard three and four students any time now. I hope that all sponsors of our Foundation Kiabakari educational adoption program will fulfill their pledges of support as soon as possible, so that we can cope with the demands of our growing school... At the back of my head I look forward to my trip home to spend Easter with my Dad, home alone in Krakow. I can't wait! But first - prayer, work and responsibilities. May God bless us all and keep us in the palms of His hands! Praying for all of you!


  1. Dear Wojciech -So good to know that you are fully back in business - a man of action but more 'the contemplative in the market place'with loads of projects and plans, but still keeping an eye on the spiritual side of life. I hope all materialize for you and that loads of money will come gushing in to meet the great expenditure involved in the buildings and books. Tomorrow, 1st Febuary, we celebrate the feast of St. Brigid - remember your visit to Faughuart, not to mention the Srs.of St.Claire. I hoped you had enough cards for your special friends!! Glad you are not in Poland now with the horrific cold and snow - everyone is caught in a terrible Siberian blast but it is ok in Ireland as the Atlantic is keeping the freezing temperatures at bay so far. Keep well and don't over speed in the 'fast lane' or you could come a ' cropper' as we say here. May God take good care of you- his faithful servant and close friend. Lots of love from all the Daly clan

  2. St. Brigid feast turns out to be a very nice and positive day, full of pleasant events and things achieved. Books for third and fourth class collected today, very happy!

    I'll ty to not overspeed in the fast lane and keep it right on the limit. Thanks for your concern...

    Cordial greetings and hugs to all the clan. Missing you, guys, So much! Take care!