Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Am I?

Finally, the seriousness of the situation I was put in since Sunday, got to me and I don't like what I see, what I understand and what I feel... Who am I now? I have no name, I have no nationality, I have no country to live in, I have become nobody to the computerized eyes of this world. I have no ID of any sort on me, everything was stolen. My privacy has been violated, I feel 'raped', I feel vulnerable, I feel helpless, I feel I do not exist anymore...

The only identification I have still with me are three seals I received from God in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Ordination. This is all I have. I am still recognizable to the eyes of God, as these three non-removable signs are the best IDs ever... This is my only consolation. Plus, all the lovely and heart-warming signs of love and caring hearts all over the world who are with me in this time in  a special way. I am so touched and so grateful to my friends who have come to my aid with their kind words, consolation, prayers and support. Thank you so much for being with me...

Thank you, o Lord, for this sacred union of loving hearts.


  1. Drogi Księże Wojciechu.W tych trudnych chwilach całą naszą rodziną jestesmy w łączności duchowej z Tobą, współczujemy .Polecamy Księdza w naszych modlitwach o odzyskanie dokumentów, o dobrych i życzliwych ludzi , którzy pomogą.Nie martw się , nie Jesteś sam.Życzymy zdrowia,radości i słońca na każdy dzień.

  2. Prayers ascending to the Divine Physician through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,..

  3. Thanks, least got my temporary passport today, better mood now.

  4. Wojciech, so glad that at least one little glimmer of light has shone with the temporary passport arriving.The Polish missionary priest of 20 years service in Tanzania on a voyage of love to extend and continue his Kiabakari mission is well known all over the world - a global figure - what an ID! I have just finished reading a biography of Maximilian Kolbe by A.Frossard subtitled ' The Passion of Maximilian Kolbe' and I was thinking of you and the passion you have for Kiabakari and how you have suffered in its accomplishment and continue to do so now in a heart rending way. Sending you lots of love, light and peace of mind and heart.

  5. Oh, please, stop comparing me to any of those illustrious figures of the Church. I'm just myself and nothing out of ordinary. Just a simple man who was chosen by God to make a point that God can do miracles INSPITE of me and my shortcomings. Thank you for your continuous support, I appreciate that very very much!

  6. Dear Fr Wojciech

    you've just reminded me how our dear Lord was ripped off everything, even his own clothes. Still, we were dissatisfied to see that he had died,we pierced his side to make sure that even the last drop of blood and water is shed out.If we are to be ripped off, let them rip our material possessions but not God's love for us. Now that you are empty, May the Almighty Father fill you to the brim, like the jars in the wedding of Cana.

    Best n' Peace