Friday, June 29, 2012

Homing In

As the day wakes up, so are our expectations. This is going to be an interesting day, a homing in day. Our Foundation Kiabakari two new volunteers, Agata and Karolina, have arrived safely to Nairobi yesterday and were met at the airport by Sarafina, our 'envoy', escorted to the hotel and taken care of. Two visiting doctors from Poznań, Wiktor and Adam, arrived yesterday to Nairobi as well, in the evening, and were met by Sarafina and put in the same hotel. Today all five will travel by bus to Sirari border Kenya-Tanzania crossing and further on to Kiabakari. I will fly to Musoma from Dar es Salaam today and, God willing, will reach Kiabakari before the Nairobi detail to get ready to receive the arriving guests. Indeed, a homing in day for all of us. Prayers appreciated as usual for us so we can travel safely and meet happily in Kiabakari. God bless us all!

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