Monday, November 5, 2012

The Avenues Of Love

November is my favorite month. The mystery of the Communion of Saints fully relived and experienced anew by the whole Church. All Saints Solemnity congratulating our sisters and brothers for passing the exam of holy life, worthy of God's accolade and acceptance in Heaven. Asking our champions to keep a watchful eye on us walking together towards the gates of Heaven...

Showing our respect, love and care to our departed loved ones, friends and people we met on our way. Taking care of their places of burial and helping them, in case there are still in Purgatory, with whatever is at our disposal in the arsenal of the Church - private prayers and devotions, in our families, Small Christian Communities and in liturgical celebration in the church.

It is always a special moment to me when my parishioners bring the special cards with names of the departed they want me to pray for together with the liturgical assembly in November in all celebrations offered for the faithful departed and in every month in a special Mass. When I read aloud those names at the beginning of every Mass in November, I feel as if I am calling those people by name. And I feel as if I hear them acknowledging their presence, by whispering with voice of the wind - Here, I am! And they come surrounding the altar, filling the church with their felt presence. Many of them I know personally, many of them I buried myself. The mystery of the Communion of Saints at its fullest - All Saint in Heaven present, All Souls Departed present and us, here still in our pilgrimage, open to the reality of the Church.

It is so important to live fully this mystery. It is so important to live in the glory of All Saints. It is so important to be sensitive and hear the voices of our loved ones departed, calling us for help in Purgatory. It is so important to call their names, so they know we love and care and help them.

Thanks be to God who laid out those bridges of communion and communication between all parts of the Holy Church. The avenues of love and tenderness, care and unity...

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