Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Deep Ocean Diving

Back home in Kiabakari, feeling on the very first day after return as if I dived deep down into the ocean of issues and troubles forcing me immediately to switch to the full working and combat mode. Pity it did not rain since I left for Poland some six weeks ago. Everything has changed so dramatically since then. I left the place green and lush. I found it upon my return dull, dusty, gray and yellow. Trouble, big trouble with water supply for our development projects which I commenced before I left. Guys did a great job anyway and things are moving forward in a decent pace, though they admit if not the water problem, they would be much farther ahead in the construction process. Still, I am impressed! Yesterday I spent most time discussing water issue with relevant authorities. Today we started digging out all pipelines to see who has been connected to our water lines and to make sure everything is in proper order. If I cannot solve the problem with steady supply of water from village pipeline, then I will be forced to use the option of water tanker supplying water from the nearby creek. This will be very costly and I do hope we can avoid it. Let's see what happens in these few days.

Here are some pictures (click here) I took yesterday on my tour of construction site which I posted on Foundation Kiabakari Facebook profile. As always, I count very much on your kind prayers!

Houston, we've got a problem! Water!!!

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