Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kiabakari Hub

'I think I like what I see' - I murmured to myself upon opening the attachment of the email of the creators of the internet gateway to Kiabakari who sent to me another version of the main page. I liked the way they translated my vague ideas into something creative. I hope by the end of this year to have an internet hub with all pieces together in one place. An official website of Kiabakari with interactive info on Comprehensive Vision of Kiabakari, Divine Mercy shrine, Health, Education, Parish, Sisters, Foundation Kiabakari, Guests/Volunteers and Development Projects. This should be starting point for anyone who wants to know what Kiabakari is all about, where we came from, where we are at now and where we want to go and how. Our dreams, vision, passions, daily life, ups and downs. Life in its fullest.

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