Monday, December 2, 2013

A Mountain To Climb

Construction phase of our development projects over, half of seminars interconnected with projects done, three more to go. The time has come to complete paperwork - reports, statements, financial documentation etc. The sheer amount of work is immense and although all papers, documents, pro-forma invoices, invoices, legal receipts, photo documentation and so forth are professionally collected and stored securely, still - the job of turning this mountain of paper into prescribed in form and method reports - is a genuine mountain to climb. This is what I have started doing sometime ago and will continue for the next two weeks or so. Calm patience, silence and focus is what I need now. That is why I have detached myself from the noise and 'hodi hodi' environment of Kiabakari to do the job professionally and thoroughly. Wish me luck, please, and say a prayer to Holy Spirit for the success of this task. Thanks in advance!

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