Monday, March 31, 2014

Lent Retreat

The eight day long parochial retreat in Kiabakari is over. It has been a time of healing and spiritual renewal, in particular on family level. The retreat master - Rev. Fr. Baptist Mapunda from the Congregation of Missionaries of Africa and his pastoral team of lay preachers - have done a marvelous job. Those days flew in a blink of an eye. And now it is up to us to continue cooperation with Holy Spirit grace and light to make sure the renewal is genuine and lasting, the healing process is  complete and the fruit of the retreat is multiple and permanent. 

I am very grateful to Father Mapunda, Mama Anna Maria and Mr Luka for their total commitment to the task of leading us in the spiritual desert. They did not spare themselves. And I am very happy that the faithful took this opportunity and used it for their benefit, attending in their hundreds the retreat both in the parochial church and in the outstations.

Please, for the genuine conversion and total renewal of each and every one of us here in Kiabakari! Happy and blessed Lent to all!


  1. Hi, Fr Wojciech, I am glad to see the vitality of your work for he Lord. May God make it fruitful.