Wednesday, September 3, 2014

From Zero To Hero

Coming back to Kiabakari has been always a special experience - like getting a shot of pure adrenaline straight into the main vain or like jumping straight into the deep cold sea. This time this adrenaline shot kicks stronger. This time the sea is a bit rougher and colder.

Monday evening, upon my arrival back to Kiabakari, I have found on my desk a heap of correspondence and documents waiting for me to go through. Among them a schedule of the upcoming pastoral visit of the Apostolic Nuncio in Tanzania in our diocese of Musoma (Sept 11-17). The first point in the itinerary of the Nuncio - Kiabakari, on September 11. Interesting thing - as I type this post, in general the people in Kiabakari have no idea the Nuncio is coming. I guess the one who substituted me while I was away, did not publicized the news to the faithful.

Now, you don't need a flourishing imagination to figure out how long it took me to switch from the holiday mood to the full combat mode.

Yes, you are right. A millisecond.

So, after holding an emergency meeting last night with the executive council of the parish and the Sisters, things are beginning to move quickly ahead. We have exactly one week left to go from zero to hero. Keep your fingers crossed!

We have hosted Apostolic Nuncios in Kiabakari twice already.

First time, on July 28, 1992, The Archbishop Agostino Marchetto blessed and opened officially the mission in Kiabakari and the quasi-parish of Kiabakari was initiated by the then Bishop of Musoma Rt. Rev. Justin Samba.

Second time, Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto came to Kiabakari on August 17, 2001, to raise the parochial church in Kiabakari to the dignity of the diocesan shrine of Divine Mercy.

I wonder what this third coming of the Nuncio to Kiabakari means to us this time? For sure, we will receive the Nuncio as the Holy Father Francis himself. The meaning, the value and the outcome of this pastoral visit I leave entirely to the freedom of action of the Holy Spirit.

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