Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Miracle Of The Jubilee Year Of Mercy

A true miracle of The Jubilee Year of Mercy. We have been trying to complete the construction and furbishment of the primary school in my mission in Kiabakari for the past ten years. And it looks like the Merciful Father heard our pleas and in the tenth year of the struggle we may be able finally, God willing, to complete the task. 
To the contrary - the eye/dental clinic project came up as an instant idea late last year during the voluntary service of Klinika Okulus and Fundacja Dzieci Afryki eye specialists in our health center in Kiabakari. This time we did not have to wait many years for the idea to become reality - the project submitted by Fundacja Kiabakari with cooperation with Iwona Filipecka and her Klinika Okulus team - along with the school one has passed the scrutiny.
I am very grateful to Merciful Father for these Jubilee gifts. This is a genuine act of Divine Mercy 'in action' impacting powerfully the education and healthcare areas of our committment in Kiabakari. 
I am very grateful to Fundacja Kiabakari with its CEO Bożena Koczur and our partners who worked professionally and in a very short timeframe to prepare these projects. 
I am very grateful to Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for their trust in our professionalism, transparency and dedication for those in need in this part of the world. I thank them personally for their continuous support of the worthy cause which is Kiabakari and its educational and healthcare institutions. 
Out of six projects approved for Tanzania for this year, two will be implemented in Kiabakari. 
And altogether, if I am not mistaken, there will be now around ten development and voluntary projects supported so far by the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Kiabakari. 
This is an absolutely invaluable help without which we would not even dream to help the local communities on such a high quality and effective level. 
Thank you - on behalf of all in Kiabakari and the area who are recipients of the Polish Aid!

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