Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Z in da house. What a relief to all of us who were apprehensive ballistically if she would make it to Mwanza yesterday! Zuza arrived yesterday evening, tired but happy to reached her final flight destination. We got her at Mwanza airport and spent a night in SMA regional house at Bwiru, Mwanza. Our hosts, the superior in particular - Rev. Fr. Janusz Machota, have been extremely helpful and hospitable, making us feel at home completely. What a great people they are! We'll be driving back to Kiabakari in a couple of hours, visiting Fathers of the Congregation of the Resurrection at Kahangala, on our way, for a few minutes and a cup of coffee. Hoping to reach Kia by lunch time. Then immediately back on project tracks making up for a lost day. Prayers appreciated for our journey back to Kiabakari!

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