Friday, November 11, 2011

School Books

The first shipment of school books for our Blessed Edmund Bojanowski Primary School in Kiabakari has been purchased yesterday in Dar es Salaam. Today I will load the boxes on the transportation company truck which will carry them to Musoma, then I will shuttle them to Kiabakari by my old truck. I am deeply satisfied that my students will study on a different totally level with each one having the full set of books. I purchased school books for standard one and standard two at this point of time, as I still await many sponsors' fulfillment of their committment to the educational adoption program of my Foundation Kiabakari. We have some 60 children enrolled in the program, but so far only some 10 people paid for the next year. So, I was forced to use other funds to purchase the books, but was unable to buy school books for standard three and four, as it was my plan, to make sure the books are there in the school and we won't have to bother for the next two years to buy them. Our standard one students will go to standard two class in January 2012, so for the time being we are ok with school books for both classes we will have next year. I would like to appeal to all our educational adoption sponsors to make sure they pay for the next year now, so we can move on with development of our school, as their donations not only help to keep chldreen in the class, but also help me to improve the general environment of studying in our educational facility. This time our main goal is purchasing he books for standard one up to standard four and fencing the kindergarten (the temporary fence feel down and locals devastate playgrounds in the evenings). Some of the sponsors contributed last year only, and this year they did not show up again. It is sad and makes my life as the executive director of the school so much harder. So, please, continue supporting our students and our school. Our children deserve quality education in rural Tanzania. Make it possible! If you want to join the program, please, contact us at for more details on how to become an educational adoption parent.

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