Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sisters were saying that I got a special grace after the peregrination of the Jubilee cross in my mission. The grace of freedom from malaria. Indeed, the first half of the year was my constant struggle with recurring disease. After the cross, suddenly it was over. Till yesterday. Malaria hit back with full vengeance and in the most unfortunate time - when I had a busy weekend, three Masses, the last one in the village with a sacrament of marriage and baptisms. I was able to say the first Mass this morning, then couldn't continue anymore. The catechist led a liturgy of the Word instead of the second Mass, with sister Jennipher giving Holy Communion. I was able to regain some strength in the meantime and we drove to Mwibagi for the wedding Mass of our catechist there. Thank God, the celebration was very lively and joyful, it lifted my spirits and I managed to get through, keeping my nausea and diahorrea in check. Then a huge outpour broke out. What a rain! I could not hold my stomach for longer, so after one hour of waiting for the rain to stop, we had to drive back with literally zero visibility. And now I'm in bed at last, resting as the malaria continues to fight Metakelfin drug which I took yesterday. Either it does not work or works very slowly, because I feel the worst in the whole year!


  1. Dearest Wojciech
    really sorry to hear that Malaria has hit you so badly - it wrecks you and leaves you so desolate. I do hope that the drugs will alleviate it for you and that it won't last too long. I was talking to Tom earlier tonight and he is also saddened to hear you are struck dowm with this awful bug again. You are very much in our thoughts and prayers. You are probably in need of a long rest but it is a pity that you only get that when malaria knocks you off your feet. With every good wish and prayer .Love Lena and Tom

  2. Thank you, Lena and Tom! It has been tough this time. I can't do much but stay in bed, too weak for anything else. Love!