Monday, February 4, 2013


Second Reading of yesterday's Sunday comes handy for us in Kiabakari as we close our ranks to face challenges of the major celebrations of the Year of Faith in Kiabakari. I asked my people today to look at their lives carefully and find out if they were infants or adults in fact in our parish. Infant baby draws attention and keeps everybody around preoccupied with her. Her major occupation is to eat, sleep, sh.t unexpectedly, cry randomly and laugh for no apparent or serious reasons. She cannot communicate in an articulate way, cannot undertake any given adult responsibilities and tasks, show generosity, cooperate with others and has no ability to walk in any given direction unassisted. Baby infant is full of herself and wants to be the center of the universe. Parishioners of this baby infant nature are immediate and clear danger to us and our program. Time for them to wake up, think, speak and act as adults - conscious, responsible and committed members of our parochial team. Living Faith and Great Deeds is what we need now.

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