Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On The Final

Putting it in aviation terms, I would call the next three months ahead - 'on the final'. This term applies to to the moment when you have finished aligning the aircraft with the runway, you have the runway in sight, you are on a proper glide slope and are cleared to land at the designated runway.

It is precisely what is going to happen, God willing, in these three crucial months starting today.

Final steps in completion of our development projects supported by the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Five different workshops and seminars for the staff of our health center, pre-school and primary school according to the development projects comprehensive plan - scheduled for the end of October and November.

Two young Polish surgeons coming in two weeks time for two weeks to perform operations on hernia patients from the whole Mara Region in our health center. This projects has been very positively received by the local government and I got full support of the District Commissioner's office and District Medical Officer's Office as well. Hoping for suffering persons to come up and use this opportunity to get professional help.

Water engineer, coordinator of our water project, is coming in mid-September to supervise the final connections of pipelines and first flow filters. He will stay with us for two weeks.

Our Foundation Kiabakari volunteer Anna coming in November to implement her educational / artistic program for our pre- and primary schools children. She will help us greatly also with preparations of the BIG DAY - graduation day in the pre-school and the official blessing and opening of the new pre-school.

On November 21 I will celebrate my silver jubilee in Kiabakari - on the diocesan level, with bishop presiding and the diocesan community present along with invited guests. On this day Bishop Michael Msonganzila will bless officially the completed projects - new wards and equipment in the health center, new pre-school and the rain and ground water harvesting system in our mission in Kiabakari.

The next day, the representative of Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs will officially open the development projects and take part in the graduation celebration in our new pre-school. I look forward with great joy and anticipation to that day as it will be a blast! The way we started our preparations, the rich program of the day - gives us guarantee that this will be the day to remember for a long time!

As always, we need to stay focused and united in resolve and serious prayer and trust in Divine Providence. I ask all of you, my esteemed readers, to be with us and pray for the success of these next three months in Kiabakari.

God bless us all!

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