Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slave In Master's House?

The Gospel reading of today's Sunday posed a valid question to ponder on in my personal reflection upon my own life and attitude. When I come for Sunday Mass to the church, do I enter it as a slave in the Master's house? Or do I enter it as a beloved son of God in the Loving and Merciful Father's House?

We have asked this question ourselves today in the Holy Mass when we reflected upon this Gospel's passage in the homily. And it appeared to many of us that we feel and act as slaves in the Master's House, trying to fulfill our duties and obligations, God's and Church commandments out of fear of God, fear of sin or pure sense of responsibility. Perhaps we have stopped in developing our living relationship with God at the point where this kind of cold, accountant-like, business-like relationship is the ultimate what we can think of.

Where is the space for love in this kind of relationship with God?

What is our treasure to which our hearts are powerfully drawn? Is it Loving and Merciful God? Or someone or something else?

What is my genuine motivation to be and live as Christian, the Child of God and the living member of His family - the Holy Church?

Is my keeping God's commandments, Church commandments and fulfilling my duties in the community based on sense of responsibility and duty rather than genuine love of God?

Food for thought.

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