Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Gift

The best Christmas gift I could ever imagine or wished for from our standard 4 students! The results of their national exam (first ever in a short history of our primary school) have been announced today. Our school was the first in the Kukirango ward (gmina in Polish). Out of 1002 standard 4 students who sat for the exam in all primary schools in the area, our students took the top eleven spots. All of our twenty four standard 4 students took places between 1 and 31. Our girls and boys set a high benchmark to beat for their peers in our school in future years.

We are very happy that our concerted efforts - hard work of our students, sisters, teachers and parents supported by my personal benefactors, Fundacja Kiabakari and its friends and sponsors (including 'Makulatura na Misje' dedicated team) via volunteers, educational adoption scheme, construction of the modern school, textbooks, educational gifts etc. - pay off. Well done, everybody!

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