Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Take My Dearest Treasure

In her Diary, Saint Sister Faustina writes:"... when Mass began, a strange silence and joy filled my heart. Just then, I saw Our Lady with the Infant Jesus ... . The most holy Mother said to me, 'Take my Dearest Treasure,' and she handed me the Infant Jesus. When I took the Infant Jesus in my arms, the Mother of God and Saint Joseph disappeared. I was left alone with the Infant Jesus" (Diary, 608)

In this holy time of the celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ as I celebrate the Christmas Eve Mass tonight, I wish and pray for all of you, my dearest relatives, friends, benefactors and readers, that what Sister Faustina experienced, we all may experience as well - tonight and every day of our lives: taking Infant Jesus in the Holy Communion - Our Lady and ours Dearest Treasure, the Incarnated Divine Mercy of the Father.

May Jesus let us feel His loving presence, blessings and light in our daily lives, especially in times of trial, loneliness, distress and cross.

May Jesus empower us through our merciful words, thoughts, decisions and deeds to radiate His Presence, Power, Love, Mercy and Light to others in our daily lives - to those hungry of love and understanding, those in need of a listening ear, of a shoulder to lean on and of an appreciation, to those searching for a deeper meaning of their lives, to those crying for our help and support. 

Lots of love to you all from all of us here in Kiabakari!

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