Friday, January 9, 2015

Back On The Med Trail

The day after the arrival back to Kraków I am again since this morning on the medical trail of doctors and preparations for what is coming up next Monday and Tuesday when I will be admitted to the hospital for the planned surgery which supposedly will ease up my persisting breathing problems, especially when sleeping.

Frankly, I am looking forward to this new challenge and experience in my life. And I am very grateful to the leading surgeon on the surgical team for finding a spot for this procedure when I met him in early August last year at the end of my medical checkup process in May to July when the source of the problem was discovered. I feel somehow relieved that he and other specialists found out the root of the problem that bothered me for long time now and came up with the solutions and the date for the procedure under national insurance policy which will help me avoid the significant costs of this surgery. I wish to thank also my family doctor who helped me last year with all the necessary procedures and checkups and directed me for the surgery.

I am very grateful to my friend and brother-in-arms, Rev. Fr. Stanisław Puzyniak, the parish priest of my home parish in Nowa Huta - The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Osiedle Teatralne, covering the area of Osiedle Górali where I was born and lived till Form IV before moving to our own apartment in December 1981 in St. Kazimierz Parish in Kraków's Grzegórzki. Himself touched by pain and suffering in his own life, he did not hesitate to cover the expenses of the airfare to get me here and return back to Tanzania after the procedure and six weeks required recovery time as told by the surgeon. Thank you very much, Stasiu!

A very special word of thanks to the CEO with the family of my friends of Foundation Kiabakari, to all my friends who are with me in this point of time of life - for their closeness, support, help, words of encouragement and prayers. Thank you so much!

Prayers very much appreciated for the successful procedure next Tuesday. Thank you and God bless us all!

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