Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yes, We Could And We Did!

What has happened in the past four months (September-December 2014) since I came back from my extended holidays-medical checkup, borders on a genuine miracle category. Yes, putting aside apparent God's Providence and blessings, it is an outcome of joined efforts of so many friends of Kiabakari and of our development push for the betterment of the education of our little ones in Kiabakari.

Firstly - all those who presented me with various gifts during my silver jubilee of priesthood celebrations in 2013 - both in Europe and in Tanzania. These gifts helped me to buy three plots and offer compensation for three families adjacent to our primary school for the purpose of the construction of the new wing. The cost of this exercise was 6,000 Euros.

Secondly - my relatives and personal friends in Poland, Austria and Ireland, parochial communities where I was invited for mission awareness Sundays and fundraisers (Chochołów, Puławy, Krowodrza, Św. Szczepan, Św. Kazimierz, Św. Karol Boromeusz, NSPJ os. Teatralne in Nowa Huta, Siepraw, Ogrodzieniec, Św. Jan Kanty - os. Widok, Biały Prądnik), bank donations from many known and unknown to me persons, Foundation Kiabakari online fundraisers for the construction of the new wing and for the textbooks for standard five students, Makulatura na Misje team at St. Kazimierz home parish in Krakow and the last but not least corporate donor - Murapol S.A. from Bielsko-Biała, Poland, school construction fund of parents of our students in Kiabakari (they donated altogether 200$) - we were able to reach the goal for the end of 2014 - the construction of the new wing for standard 5,6,7 classrooms and computer lab, the finishing and furnishing of standard 5 and six classrooms (the standard six finishing is underway at the moment) and the textbooks for standard 5 students. The total value of the entire project so far exceeds 75,000$.

Yes, we could and we did!

I am so proud and grateful to all of you who helped us in small and big ways. Here are some images of this story:

The first week of September 2014 -
Our architect and main contractor inspecting the three joined plots I bought
behind the primary school main building
September 11, 2014 - The official reception of Papal Nuncio in Tanzania
at the border of the diocese and our parish

A special blessing of our people in the shrine of Divine Mercy
and the blessing of the construction site with the first shovels of dirt dug out
by the Nuncio and our Bishop

The construction of the new wing underway

Curious standard four students checking what is going on at the site

Blessed Edmund Bojanowski Primary School with the new wing behind the main building

Standard 5 furniture manufactured in Musoma

Our goal reached - the new wing constructed
and the standard 5 classroom fully finished and furnished
December 28, 2014 - Our Bishop of Musoma, Rt. Rev. Michael Msonganzila
blessing and opening officially standard 5 classroom

Standard 5 classroom ready to be used by our students starting January12, 2015 
Standard 5 textbooks purchased through the online donations
of Fundacja Kiabakari benefactors

Standard 7 classroom and computer lab still in 'raw' state -
we need to push to finish the whole infrastructure of the primary school

The most spacious classroom - for the computer lab
It is important to us to receive from our Polish friends and taxpayers your support of 1% -
we will be able to finish the school and push forward other projects for the benefit of our people in Kiabakari
and wherever they need our help. Please, donate!

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