Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Job For Old Men

I'm getting old. It feels and shows clearly in particular in times like these, when we receive pilgrims for long and rich program in Kiabakari. A busload of pilgrims set off yesterday morning from Dodoma. They were supposed to reach Kiabakari by 8-9pm last night. We waited and waited. They arrived finally at 1am this morning! My people were really tired and disenchanted by this long wait...

The official reception followed quickly at the shrine main door, then a short introduction and the distribution of pilgrims among parishioners who declared the will to host pilgrims in their homes. I went to bed around 2.30am this morning after taking care of a late supper for a priest who came with the pilgrims.

Now, in good old times going late to bed would mean nothing to me. I would wake up early and worked like a donkey as usual. Not anymore. Today I felt like an old chap who barely survived to make it till evening.

Tomorrow is a heavy scheduled day, a whole day retreat which I will preside mainly. I hope for a good night rest, so tomorrow I can be of use to our guests.

Today was a real day in survival mode. Thank God it's over now.

Please, pray for our pilgrims and our parochial community. May Divine Mercy embrace them and fill with true love and spirit of service, mercy and compassion to each other. I pray for all of you and intentions of your hearts, as always!

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