Monday, August 13, 2012

Kiabakari On SoundCloud

This is the link to the group I have created on SoundCloud - a home for any kind of audio creations by people related to Kiabakari in Tanzania, East Africa.


If you are one of them, I would be very happy if you could upload your sounds from Kiabakari to this group. Cheers!


  1. Congratulations dearest Wojciech on this magnificent transformation of your blog page. I am fascinated by Soundcloud - my age group is away behind in the world of technology. I loved some of the tracks and what an achievement getting the Jesu Nakutumainia choir tracks downloaded. You sure are one of internet world whizz kids and to have to endure such slow and continual breakdown of the system adds to your greatness.I hope you are well- I will be thinking of my favourite saint tomorrow -Maximillian Kolbe ; what an inspiration he is to humankind and he is Polish as well !! Take care .love from lena and clan.

  2. I missed you, guys! Fighting with flu / pneumonia for a month now, slowly getting better. Yes, SoundCloud is a great feature. It will help to give the blog and my communication with my friends a new dimension. Tomorrow is the date I arrived to Ireland in 1990 to stay in Drogheda as my preparations for the missions. So tomorrow I will celebrate 22nd anniversary of meeting Tom and Eugene for the first time in my life. Wow! Love to you, Lena, Tom and the clan!