Friday, August 24, 2012

Silver Jubilee of Priesthood

Yesterday I had a unique opportunity to see and feel how it may look like next year when I will be celebrating my silver jubilee of priestly ordination. My sisters, Denise and Thomas, frater William and the chairman of the parish lay council, together with myself - drove to Kigera-Etuma village, some 20 km beyond Musoma, in Nyegina parish, to the home village of Father Godfried Maruru, a priest of Diocese of Musoma and my friend, who celebrated yesterday his silver jubilee of priesthood...

It was a very nice occasion, very well prepared, everything in place. With bishop present and some sixteen priests concelebrating, it was a wonderful jubilee Mass, artistic performances, speeches and food for everyone.

We brought a gift for Father Godfried. Our parochial community gave him a fantastic cow, worth 400,000/- as a token of our appreciation for a long time pastoral service he has been rendering to us whenever I leave the parish for holidays, fund raising trips and when I am sick.

I took my camera with me, knowing that social events like these bring lots of good photo opportunities. I was not mistaken. Took some 800+ pictures, out of which 312 remainder after post-production process. There was noone else taking pictures, so I was happy to do this and promised Father Godfreid to make a nice photo album and also a slideshows in the format of mp4 movie, which I did already.

A few pictures of small resolution I uploaded to my Facebook albums section. The jubilee pictures album is here. Karibu! And while watching the pictures, please say a prayer for our jubilearian, Fr. Godfried Maruru. Please, pray for me also, that I may be granted this fantastic day of my own - celebrating my silver jubilee in April 2013 here in Kiabakari, then on the very day of the ordination in Kraków, on May 22, in Wawel cathedral. God bless us all!


  1. i think all are enjoy the silver jubilee of priestly ordination
    Miami Kia