Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Volunteers

I expect to welcome two new volunteers in Kiabakari, coming from Germany, through the same Internazionalen Bund organization that sent Denise and Thomas last September. Franziska and Tobias Breitfeld will replace Denise and Thomas who will be going back home after a full year of genuine commitment, hard work, dedication, going beyond their duties and showing remarkable talents, skills and sense of responsibility for our children and the ability to blend in perfectly in our parochial community. It is my hope that new volunteers will follow in their footsteps, building on the solid foundation of priceless legacy that Denise and Thomas will leave in Kiabakari.

Our new volunteers have just started blogging. This is their Kiabakari experience blog:

On behalf of the whole Kiabakari community I wish them God's blessings in their preparations and every success in their voluntary work for the benefit of the young generation in Kiabakari.

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