Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have added a new feature on this blog. SoundCloud service may be well known already to many of you, for others maybe not so much. This is an internet service where you can upload your sounds, share with others or listen to other people's audio creations. I must admit it adds quite a new perspective to the social communication among people. It adds also a new dimension to my apostolate and relations with my friends and readers. The ability to upload sounds - be it a homily, church song, sounds from real life, audio productions etc - opens up for me an excellent opportunity to share with you audio treasures I have saved on my HDD already and to upload in the future new creations. You will find a SoundCloud upload button in the right sidebar below my personal links. If you wish to share with me your sounds, you are welcome. Please, mind though, that all you want to share with me must not be of an offensive nature of any kind - and it must bring a positive message of high moral standards. Welcome then to SoundCloud! You will find me and my sounds here.

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