Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been waiting for this day for many many years. When I arrived to Tanzania, and then to Kiabakari, I met this tiny altar server Agostino Barageti Masamaki Mapambano, a third grade primary student (if I remember correctly). I watched as he grew in years, faith and wisdom. And now, twenty two years later, he received diaconate along with his classmate from Musoma Cathedral, a person very close to my heart, whom I met in the cathedral some ten years back and it happened that at that time William Bahitwa chose to join the formation year and then major seminary...

On Thursday evening, January 24, 2013, in the chapel of St. Pius X minor seminary in Makoko area of Musoma, both candidates were officially accepted to the diaconate. The Vespers and the rite of acceptance were presided by the Bishop of Musoma, Rt. Rev. Michael Msonganzila. Here are some pictures of that celebration:

St. Pius X minor seminary chapel with students waiting for the celebration
William and Augustino during the Vespers
The proclamation of faith
Signing the documents for vows, declarations and pledges
On Friday morning, January 25, 2013, the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the Bishop of Musoma celebrated the Holy Mass with rites of Diaconate. A few photos of the day:

The beginning of the Holy Mass of diaconate
Vow of obedience of Deacon William Bahitwa 
Vow of obedience of Deacon Agostino Mapambano
The Litany of the Saints
Ordination to diaconate of Agostino
Ordination to diaconate of William 
The consecration prayer
Helping Agostino to put on deacon's liturgical vestments

Go and preach the Gospel of the Lord

Together with newly ordained deacons

May Good Lord protects and blesses new deacons!

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