Friday, October 11, 2013

Determination And Resolve

Everybody knows what these two nouns mean. According to the online dictionary Merriam-Webster determination is a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult, while resolve is a strong determination to do something.

These two qualities or virtues are among the most needed for me in this particular time of my life and the celebration of the Year of Faith in Kiabakari, full of various events and challenges.

As I continue with dealing and sorting out of different issues and items on my long to-do-list here in Dar es Salaam, it is the state of mind and heart which I have been luckily experiencing - determination and resolve. 

There is a lot of expected and unexpected obstacles coming up while I circle around the town trying to tick the items off the list. But I do not get discouraged or put off. Yesterday was the best example of this attitude. And at the end of the day, although my stomach gave in under huge stress of dealing with people who are not well known for their truthfulness and willingness to fulfill their pledges, I was happy in general, and satisfied.

We will see how things pan out today. Starting with the courtesy visit to the Cardinal Archbishop of Dar es Salaam, continuing with the final stages of the payments and clearing of the container with school and health center supplies from Australia for Kiabakari. Then, later on, a few meetings with important to me people.

The Psalm 37 comes to mind in such a situation like today where very little depends on me, and most of the other parties - "Commit your way to the LORD, trust in him and he will act" (Ps 37:5)

May the Good Lord grant us a peaceful, happy and successful day.

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