Monday, October 7, 2013

No Vacation

Looks like my blog has been quiet for some time, almost one month now. Whenever I want to sit down and type a few lines, things come up and I have to dive into deep water of current challenges and responsibilities. Luckily, I have started to seen the light at the end of the dark tunnel and soon will come back to more regular posting.

Development projects are in the final stage which demands my presence daily at construction sites as the finishing works depend heavily on the esthetic taste of the project client. Registration process of our pre- and primary schools has to begin anew after mistakes done by the people responsible for preparing the report for the ministry. This takes time and resources. Hopefully, in the couple of weeks the brand new report will be submitted again in the Ministry of Education. Today we made another good step towards the completion of the report.

Visitation of the statue of Our Lady which travels around the diocese in each parish in the Year of Faith has reached us in Kiabakari on Wednesday. Tomorrow is the day to hand it over to our neighbors in Mugango Parish. It has been a time of grace and intense prayer with the pinnacle which was the diocesan pilgrimage of Catholic women of the diocese on Saturday and Sunday with night vigil. Today the statue is at Sisters' convent and after evening Mass there, I will be the last one to welcome the statue in my house chapel, where it will stay with us till tomorrow morning.

Health center equipment for the project has started to come by road transport from Dar. The last part of the shipment we expect to receive soon if not this week then the next.

The parish after the visitation is turning its attention to the next point in the celebrations of the Year of Faith. This will be my silver jubilee of priesthood on November 21, with the consecutive official opening of the completed projects - done by the District Commissioner of Butiama District with the representative of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The preparations to both events are well underway. This will be a summit of all my personal efforts of the entire year. Please. keep us all in your prayers, so we succeed!

I guess, this will be all for today. Praying for you always, dear readers of my blog. Stay blessed and happy!

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