Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zipping Up My Travel Bag

In a few hours time I will be on my way back to Kiabakari via Mwanza. As I zip up my travel bag, I wrap up also the evaluation of this short trip to Dar es Salaam. It has been one of the most intense and exhausting visits to the business capital of Tanzania. Flew in on Wednesday with a short to-do-list hoping that I will be able to tick off at least half of the items on it. I am grateful to Almighty and Merciful God and to kind persons who helped me on the way, that most of the important issues I was able to complete.

The container with school and medical supplies for our health center, pre-school and primary school in Kiabakari is finally on its way to Kiabakari, hoping to reach the destination tomorrow evening or on Tuesday. All due payments settled, paperwork completed. I am grateful to our parishioner and the chairman of the development board of Kiabakari, who was instrumental in making sure that the container clearing and forwarding process went smoothly.

He's been also helping me with the registration of Honda 110 motorcycles which came in last year container. When I am back in Dar, I am sure this process will also be completed and I will come back to Kiabakari with registration cards and number plates for the motorcycles, allowing us to start using the vehicles for the benefit of our mission pastoral work, school and health center facilities.

The registration of our pre-school and primary school has got a new impetus and - although I will have to be back in Dar in a few days again - I am hopeful that in a short time we will see the issue solved positively and successfully.

I used this opportunity of being in Dar to deliver invitation cards for my silver jubilee in Kiabakari to my friends and benefactors, especially those who helped me in fundraiser in March this year. I will be extremely happy to see at least some of them attending the jubilee celebration on November 21 in Kiabakari and the official government and diocesan opening of the development projects, completed by that time - on November 22. I was able to collect the special color brochure (500 copies) with the program of that day, printed beautifully in Dar.

So, feeling happy and accomplished, I zip up my bag and set off to the airport to go back to Kiabakari to wait for the container and finish the paperwork in the district offices to come back again to Dar for a couple of days to push the registration process of our schools ahead and finish other project matters.

Deo gratias for this trip, goodbye Dar and Indian Ocean shores, praying for the safe return to Kiabakari and God's blessing for all of us for this week! Continuing to light the candle of hope for my people in Kiabakari! Take care!

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