Saturday, November 30, 2013

Echoes In The Solitary Confinement

As I have planned these few days since today till next Thursday, I have started executing the plan. Confined in solitary space, I am tuned and focused to do the job I want to do. In this environment of solitude, outside silence and extreme push of mental power, there are only echoes of a misfit music tune from Green Day on my laptop. Suddenly, I find myself empowered to do my best and to finish the task with all I got in me through this song. It simply keeps pumping tons of adrenaline in me, urging me to go beyond my capacity and ability and to kill the task with a powerful blast of strong will.

I am surprised to find myself finishing the preparatory job planned for three days - in one day. The earnest and sincere humble prayer for the blessing in this work combined with a powerful tune and lyrics of the song that accompanies me today sprinkled with a drop of Wisemen Tea at the end of the massive effort - made wonders.

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