Friday, November 8, 2013

Silence Is A Way Of Communication

A couple of weeks passed since my last post. A lack of word is a word itself. A lack of post can speaks volumes. In my case it means an intense period of time for me, full of responsibilities, travels, things to do, matters to take care of, decisions, stresses, challenges and lot of work - on the upcoming jubilee, graduation, opening of projects, finalization of registration, insuring and servicing our donated motorcycles, drilling the borehole and water quality testing in government lab etc... And by saying - a lot, I mean A LOT!

Two weeks remain till my silver jubilee of priesthood celebrations in Kiabakari intertwined with the official blessing and opening of our three development projects which are slowly nearing the end. And these two weeks with all the workload I have been through with my people in the last month or so - pose a real test of resolve and determination to be able to succeed at the end of the day.

As always, I humbly ask you all for your kind prayers. And I do the same for you and for all intentions dear to your hearts. God bless us all!

Computer software used for yield of the new well measurement

What a wonderful sight!

Crystal clear water from the new borehole

A lot of things on my head

New pre-school project close to its completion

Awkward load - a big plastic tank to raise up to the water tower

Drilling rig ready to rock and roll

After ten months of painstaking process, our donated motorcycles are ready


Water Ministry specialists at pump testing job

A couple of rains and the Divine Mercy Hill is turning green

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