Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mesmerizing Beauty

Today I took a minibus from Kraków's Bus Terminal and traveled 90 minutes to Jawiszowice (12 kilometers from Oświęcim / Auschwitz and 10 km from Bielsko-Biała outskirts), to St. Martin parish, where my lifelong friend, Fr. Henryk Zątek, has been a parish priest and custodian of the centuries old wooden church for the past fifteen or so years.

What he accomplished, helped by art conservation specialists from Kraków in this relatively short span of time is beyond my comprehension (please, read the history of the parish and the church here. This surely must be one of the most beautiful and most professionally restored, preserved and protected piece of sacred architecture in Poland if not in the world. To me, this is my favorite wooden church ever.

I took a few photos on my iPhone (posted below), but I would suggest that the best way to appreciate the beauty of the church and the love of Fr. Henryk to his church and his never-ending effort to preserve it as best as possible for this and future generations - is to see it with one's own eyes. If not possible, please make a virtual walk in and around the church by clicking here.

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