Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Question

On this Fourth Sunday of Easter a.k.a Good Shepherd Sunday a.k.a Sunday of Prayers for Vocations the valid question for each one of us is:

Whom are you following in your life?

Life is too short and we have no chance to relive days which have passed already. There is no time for experiments. If I want to pass safely in this valley of shadows, and reach safely Father's House, I should look for those who have done that before me and know the way, know dangers lurking ahead and know how to reach the goal of our earthly journey successfully.

There are people who did exactly this. We call them Saints. And each one of us baptized has his personal Patron Saint chosen at Baptism. This is our most intimate companion in our journey of life, along with Guardian Angel given to each one of us by God Himself.

There is no need to look elsewhere for answers, there is no need to try to find the way on our own. There is no need to experiment. Prudence and wisdom tells me to invite consciously our Patron Saints and Guardian Angel to accompany us. They have always their gaze fixed on Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the Truth, the Way, the Life. Holding their hands it is simply impossible to go astray and get lost. We may stumble and fall, many times indeed, yet we will not lose focus and direction.

As we celebrate today our common vocation to Christian life through faith and Baptism, answering the invitation of Jesus - 'Follow me!', and our personal vocations as priests, religious, catechists, husbands, wives, single lay persons and so forth, let us ask ourselves - at this point of my life whom am I following actually in my life? Who is my leader, my guide, my guru? Whom am I listening to? Whom am I obedient to?

If I find out that in fact I am following someone or something else in my life, and that person or thing leads me in wrong direction away from Father's House, let me wake up and go back to Jesus and to my companions from Heaven.

No time for experiments.

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