Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's Next?

With Divine Mercy Sunday over, grateful to Merciful Lord, relieved and happy to the last bone that everything went amazingly well, time has come to set my sights on what lies ahead. 

Next week I will go to Ministry of Education in Dar es Salaam to submit documents for the registration of our pre-school and primary school in Kiabakari, which were processed and positively opinionated by the relevant authorities in the District and the Region. Hopefully, in a not so distant future, our schools will be officially registered in the Ministry.

At the same my task force and myself will sit down to plan for the implementation of the funded projects - expansion of the health center, construction of the modern pre-school and the complex system of harvesting and storing of rain and ground water.

In two weeks time, I will turn fifty. What it means, I do not know. Probably nothing, really. I do not feel inside of me as someone of this age. Still, a good opportunity to thank the Lord for the gift of life, half a century of it.

In some three weeks time I will fly to Poland to celebrate my sliver jubilee of priesthood with my classmates and in my home parish. First, on May 12, it will be parochial celebration. I will be extremely happy and honored to celebrate the day with you, my esteemed readers! I invite all of you most heartedly!

Then on May 22, with my classmates at Wawel Cathedral where we were ordained priests 25 years ago. Then, starting from May 26, I will have a privilege to go with my home parish community to the spiritual desert for the Faith Awakening retreat.  Requesting your kind prayers for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the preparations and in the retreat itself.

Busy times ahead, quite interesting. I look forward to this new experience of celebrating the jubilee of this kind.

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