Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deja Vu

Deja Vu again. Well, almost. Sixteen years ago Kiabakari was flooded with hundreds of people who came for the official dedication of the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and Saint Gemma Galgani parochial church in Kiabakari (which has become since then the Diocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy), official inauguration of Kiabakari parish and the appointment of the first parish priest. I still remember that day as all that happened just yesterday. Great day paid with huge stress and exhaustion.

As I write these words today, on the same date, there are no guests in Kiabakari at this particular point of time. In two weeks time, though, the history is going to repeat itself, in the same manner but for the different reason. This time hundreds of people will flood Kiabakari coming for the ordination to priesthood of our parishioner, deacon Augustino Mapambano. The stress, struggle and challenge is the same if not bigger as I am no longer the vibrant and full of youthful power priest. Time has taken its toll and I can't work 24/7 in full steam anymore. That is why we started preparation well ahead of time. Still, the last two weeks are the most hectic ones and most stressful. I know it very well from my own experience. Gone through that period so many times in my life. I pen these words sitting at the food outlet in Musoma, picking up things for the construction of development projects, buying various items needed for the ordination and thanksgiving Mass, making numerous phone calls here and there. Just to make sure we are ready.

Please, pray for us! And I will pray for you and for all your intentions today, in the afternoon solemn Mass on the day of obligation for the faithful of Kiabakari who will come to thank God that He wanted to be God-with-us and built a house for himself in our midst, which was handed to Him exactly sixteen years ago.

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