Monday, July 1, 2013

No Half Time

First six months of the year already behind us. Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year. Sadly, no half time in between as the steam roll ahead with full speed closing on the highlights of the Year of Faith in Kiabakari - ordination of our deacon Augustino Mapambano, his Thanksgiving Mass and other celebrations, events and function which are associated with these event. The development projects of Foundation Kiabakari are well underway as well and we are ready to put roofs on the new buildings. The end of this week will see the first volunteer arriving from Italy for one month voluntary experience in our pre-school. Later this year we expect a few more - Polish surgeons coming in August, then volunteers of Foundation Kiabakari. The second half of this year looks even more challenging than the first one. We need to stay focused, determined, committed, in deep prayer and trust, united in purpose and getting down to work with courage. Let us pray for each other!

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