Monday, July 15, 2013

The Summit

We have been talking about this week for years now. At least since Augustino Mapambano entered the major seminary. It seemed to be so far away in time at that point. But as Swahili proverb rightly says - 'Hayawi, hayawi, yamekuwa!' (not yet, not yet, it is done! in a free translation) - THE WEEK has finally came upon us. The Summit of the Year of Faith in Kiabakari. I think we are ready to tackle the challenge, but who knows. The next six days will tell the truth. We tried our best but doubts will always be there till it is over this Saturday afternoon.

We have been praying Novena to Divine Mercy for the protection of Divine Providence and blessings we need in fulfilling our responsibilities. We ask you, my esteemed readers, to keep your fingers crossed for us and pray for us all involved in the preparations of the ordination, children's fiesta and thanksgiving Mass. I appreciate your kind spiritual involvement in our challenge.

God bless Mapambano! God bless Kiabakari! God bless us all!

All are welcome for the celebrations starting this Thursday.

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