Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Kiabakari is not all about Divine Mercy Hill, my mission, health center, pre-school, primary school, nor  about the military camp, prison, defunct gold mine. It is also all about my neighbors in Lutheran Bible School, or these days known as Kiabakari Scripture School, located on the other side of Kiabakari center, just a few kilometers from my place.

I remember the beginnings of the school, when they came to purchase the land, the construction and the opening. I made good friends with several members of the staff, in particular with the former headmaster, Rev. Heslon Byamgwamu and his family. We are still good and close friends and our friendship means a lot to me. I thank God for such a priceless gift of a man of God in my life.

Here is a short presentation of the Bible School in Kiabakari on YouTube.

If you know Norwegian, please visit also their official website (here).

I pray for my neighbors and wish them all the best as they are such valuable asset in our community in Kiabakari. God bless!

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