Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor Granny

My poor granny, the 20 years old Toyota Hilux truck gave up on me this morning for yet another time. I was able to drive for sick calls after morning Mass, then drove to Musoma to pick up documents and certificates I left at printing press a couple of days ago for printing, and to post official letters with notifications to other parishes - of people who received various sacraments in the recent months in Kiabakari...

When I reached Kariakoo area of Rwamlimi district of Musoma, the car lost its power and came to slow stop, dying on me completely!

My mechanic gave me his car so i could be on time for the meeting in Small Christian community scheduled for 5pm today.

It looks like poor granny's life span is coming to an end eventually. And the problem is - there is no prospect of getting any new car as replacement. For any missionary, especially the one in charge of a parish with several outstations, a reliable vehicle is a must...

I hope and pray that the Good Lord hears my prayers and sees the ordeal I have been going through with this car for a past two-three years, and finally i get 'new legs'!

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