Friday, April 27, 2012

Back Home

I have just returned safely from Rome. Loads of thoughts and emotions going through my heart and mind. What a wonderful four days pilgrimage to the heart of Christianity it was! How amazing people I was blessed to meet. It was just fantastic. Very busy, very tight schedule, lots of things that went throughout those four days, but all in all I am happy and satisfied. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Blessed John Paul II! Thank you all at Casa Polacca di Giovanni Paolo II in Via Cassia 1200! So grateful to all of you! One remark in the aftermath of the trip to Rome. Ironic that the flight time from Rome Ciampino to Katowice Pyrzowice takes less time than the bus trip from the airport to Krakow. Anyway, I am home now and already back in full swing business. Meeting with the prospective volunteer coming to Kiabakari underway this afternoon, then a late birthday and Patron Saint feast day dinner for the closest ring of my friends in one of my favorite restaurants in Krakow. With a casual walk around in the city center. Tomorrow there is another to-do list. And a mission awareness homilies in Sułkowice, my first love - my first parish after my ordination. A very emotional comeback after years. Prayers appreciated for the success of the visit and reunion with my favorite parochial community. Looking forward so much to this experience. God bless us all!

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