Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Is Not Hollywood

If the script for the Holy Week and Paschal Triduum was not written in the Heart of our loving God, but in Hollywood studios instead, today there would be not be a single soul wandering in the streets of Jerusalem. Jesus, a fallen hero, risen from the dead, would be on the killing rampage, seeking vendetta on all who put Him to death. And if the scenario followed the customary script of any decent action movie, He would not stop till the last villain was put to death. His honor would be satisfied, the justice would be fulfilled. And we would nod in approval saying - it was a honorary thing to do. But He did not choose this path, even if He knew that His vengeance would be totally successful as He was risen from the dead and no human force could touch Him again. He did not go this way. Instead, He chose to meet with His disciples and forgive Apostles for their betrayal. He had no interest in going after culprits, He had no time to meet any of the evil people. He was in the world of goodness to which the evil ones had no access. He went after the good people and revealed Himself to them. He passed from the world of sin and evil. He never looked back after His Resurrection. The question comes to mind - does the same process happened to me during the Holy Triduum? Did I leave the world of evil and entered the world of goodness? There is no looking back. Dying for the sin and the past and rising for the goodness and holiness. Perhaps Easter is the opportune time to revisit our old problems in our families and neighborhoods? Time of reconcilation and forgiveness? Time to let go old quarrels and resentments? Time to mend bridges and restore relationships within our families and neighboorhoods? If this not happens, our Easter will reveal that we are acute behavioral schizophrenics - celebrating Easter in our churches and going back to our past lives which remain the same, in the realm of sin, vendetta and old habits. Our Christian life does not follow Hollywood action movies scripts. This is not Hollywood - our daily Christian life. Think about it. And make sure your own life follows the script written by our Father in heaven. Do not go back to old ways! Move on with Risen Lord! Happy and blessed Easter to you all!

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