Monday, April 9, 2012


Back home with my Dad. So overwhelmed and grateful to Fr. Antoni, the parish priest and the whole fantastic parochial community in Rokiciny Podhalańskie for the Holy Triduum I was blessed to participate together with them. Arguably the best Easter ever since many many years... I had ample time for my private prayer, meditation, thinking, adoration, planning... I feel at peace now with my inner spiritual batteries fully charged. Thank you, Lord!


  1. I had to tell you dear Wojciech how much Tom and I loved your Easter Sunday reflection'This in not Hollywood'. Most unusual and so very inspirational - a real gem .Thank you so much for sharing this deep insight into the meaning of Easter. You place it in contemporary culture but what a reversal of the familiar.So encouraging to think of moving on and no going back to old ways-being really new in Christ. Keep relishing your new found peace - you will be needing it all. Love and prayers Lena

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Lena. Hope you, guys, had a wonderful time at Easter. Thinking a lot about you. Will call you later :) Take care and God bless!