Monday, May 21, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

Back in Kiabakari, after the first weekend, which was marked by the browsing through a pile of documents, letters and things to take care of in the first hand after my comeback from Europe, today is the day to blow a whistle and press the lever to the position - 'full steam ahead'. Sitting in Musoma, sipping a cold soft drink in a short break between tackling of the long to-do list for today, and writing these few words. It may take a long time and will involve a lot of skills, convincing powers and struggle to gather some funds to push our development ahead. But believe, when it comes to spending that hard-earned nickels, it goes just in one flash. Especially when the construction works are concerned - purchasing materials, payments of workers, transportation charges etc. Although it happens all the time, it startles me always whenever this moment comes, when I go to town or Mwanza to place orders or pay for delivered goods. Everything is so expensive here, in particular - construction materials. We are doubly handicapped here in Mara Region. Firstly, Tanzania is in East Africa, and many goods have to be shipped from elsewhere. Secondly, we are in the north-western corner of Tanzania, some 1500 km from Dar es Salaam port, so extra charges for haulage of goods up to Musoma make these, already expensive things, even more expensive still! But, I guess, it makes for a double satisfaction as well. When one can achieve something in these circumstances, it tastes doubly sweet, because one knows what it took to secure the funding and help of donors. And what it takes to make the project a success here. Thanks be to God for all my fantastic friends, sponsors and benefactors, together with my local task force, who make all this happen in Kiabakari. God bless you much! Please, keep your fingers crossed and pray much for the success of the current projects and undertakings. Thanks in advance for your kindness!

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