Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Well, Dad!

Just a quick post asking all of you, my esteemed readers, to kindly pray for my Dad who yesterday was admitted to hospital back home in Krakow, Poland, with pneumonia and heart problems. Something that seemed to be a simple case of cold he caught due to weather changes in Poland and Europe in general, has turned out to be a serious problem. My brother and myself are quite concerned. I have offered a Holy Mass for my Dad and pray for him and asked my friends on Facebook to pray as well. Now, I come here and ask all of you, my blog friends, to do the same. Thanks in advance for your spiritual support for my Dad, Wieslaw Ferdynand Kościelniak, 76 years old.


  1. So sorry to hear that your dear dad is back in hospital . I really hope he makes a good recovery on this lovely feast of Pentecost. It is so hard being so far from home at this time and I know you had done trojan work getting the grant to adapt his flat to meet his needs and now this has come so unexpected. Rest assured of our prayers.
    Kind wishes, prayers and love from the Daly clan.

  2. I appreciate so much your care and prayers, dearest Lena and the Clan. It means so much to me. We all pry that he gets well soon, though it looks like it s going to be an uphll battle. We do not lose hope. Nothing is impossible to God. Love and regards to you all, beloved Lena...