Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You!

Came back this afternoon from a long car trip to visit my friends and relatives in Silesia and south-western part of Poland, in total more than 500 kilometers in my Dad's twenty years' old Opel Astra. But she did very well, if I skip the lack of air-conditioning in the vehicle and high temps outside! All in all I am content and happy to be able to drive safely and come back home safely without any breakdown. Visiting friends and relatives, reconnecting with some of them after many years, it was a truly quality time! And on top of that, I found home a letter from MOPS (Social Security office in Krakow) that the funds for the renovation of our apartment according to needs of the disabled person (my Dad) - in total 80% of the costs - have been available at last and they are ready to start works. Thank God! And thank you all for your prayers! After all, I will not fly back to Tanzania sad and unfulfilled because of the failure of this job. Putting aside the issue that the letter is late one month already, still I will be able to meet with the contractor this Friday and set things in  motion. Then the whole picture of this trip, its meaning and purpose will be totally different. Such a relief! Thank God and thank you all, my friends and spiritual helpers! Your prayers surely made this happen at last!

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